Employee Journey (CXHR)

Adapt CX Management best practices to your Employee Journey

cx/omni Employee Journey is a use case in which you recognize the actual journeys of your candidates and employees. Ideally, this is done on the basis of your HR management system. Or you can establish real-time feedback and visualize it along the customer journey.

Employees are often frustrated by HR services or systems. Employees, managers and candidates are simultaneously HR customers in many respects. Expectations of the HR department today are characterized by ever better experiences as consumers. As a result, the yardstick for HR service quality is rising significantly.

With the data you visualize with cx/omni, you create the real data basis for an emotional understanding of your customer expectations in the context of outside-in analysis through customer journey mapping or feedback systems.

“I would like to understand our Employee Journeys from the outside perspective in order to simplify processes and inspire candidates and employees.”

Susanna, Leiterin HR-Prozesse


  • Apply the methods of Customer Journey Management to your Employee Journeys of candidates and employees
  • Capture candidate and employee satisfaction at key touch points in real time and visualize results along the journey.
  • Create KPI dashboards to assess the impact on productivity and efficiency of HR function
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