AI in Customer Journey Management Matthias Baldauf 5. October 2023

AI in Customer Journey Management

CX redefined: The Power of AI in Journey Management

CX Expert Webcast

AI or Artificial Intelligence has become more tangible since the launch of ChatGPT. The technology is becoming a reality and is now making things more efficient and easier in many areas.

Does AI also work in Customer Journey Management? Our two experts Wolfgang Weber and Harald Henn say “yes” and show in this webinar where the AI journey in journey management is headed. Some industries, such as retail, banking and insurance, are already further along and have set up their first AI projects, for example in the area of marketing automation. When it comes to customer journeys in marketing and sales, the use of smart algorithms is particularly obvious for these use cases:

  • Personalization
  • Orchestration
  • Integration

The full potential of AI in Customer Journey Management has not yet been unleashed, because it is only just beginning: many use cases are conceivable. The key is to identify the most effective applications and then implement them.

In this webcast, we will answer the following questions and more: 

  • What are typical practical examples of AI that are already being used today?
  • How do companies benefit from the use of smart algorithms?
  • What role does AI play in journey management software?
  • Which best practices should be observed when using AI?
About the speakers
Wolfgang Weber cxomni

Wolfgang Weber is Founder of cxomni and responsible for product and innovation. Wolfgang has been one of the opinion leaders in the field of customer experience management for years – his credo: “Customer enthusiasm can be managed”.

Harald Henn

Harald Henn is a Customer Experience thought leader, speaker, consultant, blogger and managing director of Marketing Resultant in Mainz, Germany. He optimizes business processes in sales, service and marketing with lean management methods and offers best practice consulting for call center and CRM projects.