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cxomni Actions Manager

Orchestrate insights on requirements and recommendations for action

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How can the cxomni Actions Manager support your CX Management?

Customer Journey Orchestration

Connect cxomni with your Product Management and Needs Management

With the cxomni Actions Manager, you can manage CX insights at touchpoints along customer journeys in a structured manner.

All priorities, stati and responsibilities can be filtered and retrieved at any time. Manage a backlog of pain points, needs, and innovation opportunities in the context of emotional perceptions and expectations of different subjourneys or customer journeys.

Via APIs to project management tools such as Jira, Actionable Insights can be linked bidirectionally to the requirements management of product and service development, so that these teams can keep reference to user research or customer feedback and the customer journey map.


  • Database-driven Actionable Insights Management (e.g. for Pains, Gains, Needs & Requirements)
  • Actionable Insights Cluster
  • Difficulty Impact Matrix for task prioritization
  • Tagging, filtering and subscribing to feeds
  • Custom Fields
  • APIs for requirements management
  • Excel export
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With cxomni Actions Manager, we bring our customer journey maps to life by being able to distribute CX insights directly to our stakeholders as needs or tasks.
Karen Customer Journey Lead


Prioritize and evaluate Actionable Insights

The Difficulty Impact Matrix in cxomni records the individual insights according to criteria such as the impact on customer satisfaction, technical feasibility, cost or frequency of perception. From this, cxomni determines a score that shows the priority of an insight. 

The Insights Heatmap allows the comparison of insights according to correlations such as importance for customer satisfaction vs. estimated costs. Based on this, Actionable Insights are clustered by low, medium or high rating. So it’s clear which insight has the highest or lowest impact on which criterion. 

Orchestrating feedback insights

Subscribe and distribute insights via feeds to your stakeholders

By aggregating experience data from customer journeys, cxomni Actions Manager provides you with relevant insights into your customers’ pains, gains and needs, which your stakeholders can analyze and manage in the context of touchpoints and journeys.

Alerts and feeds can be set up and configured individually for each stakeholder so that only relevant data is shared. 

This allows CX Monitoring from high-level reports for the management team to detailed deep dives for operational stakeholders.  

stakeholder cx collaboration

identification of topic clusters

Discover the topics that move your customers

Identify and cluster topics and trends from customer statements along the customer journey – from sources such as social web, surveys and correspondences with your service team.

Integrated AI algorithms automatically identify key content areas and map them as topic clusters with individual sentiments.

These topic clusters are allocated to the corresponding touchpoints and can be shared as actionable insights with stakeholders via feeds or alerts, which can be modified in the cxomni Actions Manager. 

Learn more about the benefits of orchestrating Insights for your business!


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