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Extract emotions and critical issues from all open feedback sources

With Sentiment Analysis, smart AI-based algorithms transform unstructured text feedback from your customers into structured information while clustering it according to tonality and topics. Typical sources are feedback portals, open responses in surveys or correspondences from customer service.

With Sentiment Analysis, you gain valuable insights from the customer’s point of view (e.g., on emotions, ideas, questions, or pain points), which you can use to optimize products and services or to improve usability, processes, and product features.

Analyze the unstructured feedback from your customers

The high-performance cxomni Sentiment Analysis is able to automatically evaluate large amounts of customer feedback while assigning it to the relevant touchpoints and journeys.

The automated clustering according to tonality and topics shows you at a glance what is going well at your touchpoints from the customer’s point of view or where targeted measures for optimization are necessary.

In this way, you understand the needs and requirements of your customers for products, services and brand over the complete lifecycle: from inspiration, through purchase, to use. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Analysis of all relevant sources like social web, surveys, correspondences, service center
  • Ideas for innovations from customer testimonials
  • Smart analysis of large amounts of feedback data
  • Sharing of insights and specific customer concerns with the right stakeholders
  • Timely response to customer trends and critical issues

Identifying trends

Detect trends and risks and respond to previously unrecognized customer needs

Capturing the general sentiment of your target group about a service or product is the primary purpose when conducting a sentiment analysis.

However, it also provides you with detailed insights that create a solid basis for fundamental decisions such as budget releases in various organizational areas: from marketing activities to product management to needs management.

Typical use cases are e.g. needs prioritization in product management, unexpected hints on process problems or the optimization of UX designs


Relevant insights for the right stakeholders - always in the context of the journey

With cxomni Sentiment Analysis, you can aggregate large amounts of feedback data from various sources and structure it along the customer journey.

Through company-specific thematic categorization and intelligent tagging, business managers receive only the insights that are relevant for their task area. All insights can be distributed as a feed or monitored in role-based dashboards in the context of the journey.

This means that specialists like product managers can use relevant Sentiment Analysis insights at any time and include them e.g. as requirements in the product development process.

young product manager wearing a blue shirt
In particular, the journey context of our cxomni Sentiment Analysis helps us better understand how customers experience our processes and how that impacts how they feel about our brand.
David Product Manager Insurance


Use customer feedback for better experiences

cxomni Sentiment Analysis helps you identify core statements or opinions of customers and categorize them in terms of emotional assessment.

With these insights, you can initiate the right measures for higher customer satisfaction: by offering solutions that are tailored to your customers’ needs, identifying and rectifying problems in customer processes very promptly, or differentiating yourself in the market by providing information about competitors.

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