Customer Journey Mapping Guide Matthias Baldauf 21. February 2022

Customer Journey Mapping Guide

For all beginners: Start Customer Journey Mapping with our practical tips

In this playbook you will find everything you need to get started with Customer Journey Mapping:

  1. Customer Experience Management (CEM) – Background
  2. Customer Journey Mapping – The Methodology
  3. Personas: Who is our customer?
  4. Channels, Phases and Departments: The stages of the customer journey
  5. Micro Moments: What do our customers want?
  6. Touchpoints: What does our customer experience?
  7. Performance from the customer’s point of view: What does our customer feel?
  8. Customer Journey Mapping Workshops (preparation & execution)
  9. Sharing and communicating customer journey maps
  10. From Journey Map to holistic CX

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