Conversion Funnel

Analyze and visualize your conversions
system-wide – online and offline

cx/omni Conversion Funnel is a use case in which you visualize and analyze your sales funnel up to offline conversion system-wide.

While detailed data is often already available in online data analysis, it is often not available across systems. As a result, questions remain unanswered in the campaigns: Where on the site do we lose the most visitors? What happens after call-to-action when a lead is submitted to CRM? Above all, how long does the lead process take and how many leads of a direct mail or online campaign have converted offline?

Consequently cx/omni Journey Analytics offers the solution: Analyze and monitor your conversions in real time.

Fabio, CRM Manager

“I want to test and improve campaigns by determining at which stage online or in the sales process the most leads are lost.”

  • conversion funnel


  • Cross-system analysis data: Online plus sales process
  • Combine real-time analysis with Journey Maps
  • Connect campaigns, web analytics and CRM