CX Expert Webcast: Major trends for Journey Managers in 2024 Matthias Baldauf 19. December 2023

CX Expert Webcast: Major trends for Journey Managers in 2024

Best practices and trends for successful Customer Journey Management

More customer focus, omnichannel strategies or the increasing digitalization: there are many reasons why Customer Journey Management is on the rise in many companies and across a wide range of industries.

In this webcast, Wolfgang Weber, Head of Product and Innovation at cxomni, will provide an outlook on what developments will shape Customer Journey Management in 2024 and what CX and journey managers should be aware of.

The webcast will focus on background information and best practices for these trends:

  • Consolidating all journey documents into journey management frameworks
  • Actionable insights finding their way into core processes
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Assistants
  • Journey management systems as a single point of truth for pain points, opportunities and solutions
  • Real-time analytics and journey orchestration
About the speaker
Wolfgang Weber cxomni

Wolfgang Weber is one of the founders of cxomni and is responsible for product and innovation. Previously, Wolfgang worked for ten years as a management consultant in the field of customer excellence. He is one of the most prominent experts for customer-oriented management and customer experience management – his credo: “Customer enthusiasm can be managed”.


Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer Journey Management

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Customer Journey Analytics

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Customer Journey Orchestration

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How AI is changing Journey Management


cxomni Journey Mapping Framework

Your toolbox for a standardized CX/UX taxonomy

cxomni Journey Analytics

Connect all data sources at Touchpoints and Customer Journeys

cxomni Actions Manager

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Introduction of a holistic Journey Management Framework


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