Buyer Personas instead of classical Market Segmentation

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What are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are fictional descriptions of real customers. Buyer personas support companies and organizations in a better understanding of their audiences and customers, thus enabling them to more effectively align content and processes to specific feelings, needs and behaviors. Personas as pseudonyms are reflecting a typical customer or prospective buyer. The model is particulary effective, when it is „humanized“ within a profile. The better you put yourself in the role of a potential customer (i. e. his objectives, motivations and pain points) the better you will gain a deep understanding of the emotional journey of her/his purchase process. To achieve this, we recommend to create some typical fictional persons based on observations of real human beings. These will be the tangible representatives for the major part of the company’s typical customers.

Defining Buyer Personas

For the sake of clarity, we normally recommend to define only the essential buyer personas covering 80% of your business. Focus on your main target groups. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which backgrounds, needs, goals and individual affinities are typical for your personas?
  • Which age groups and  marital statuses are most relevant for your company?
  • What is their level of education and professional background?
  • What household income and consumer behavior does such a persona typically have?
  • What are the channels used by the persona to obtain relevant information regarding brands, products and services?
  • What is their level of usage of digital and social media?

Individualization of Personas

Now characterize your respective persona by granting a pseudonym, a matching image, an indication of of age and a job title. It can also be very useful to create a short statement from the buyer personas perspective, characterizing the buyer persona within one sentence. To characterize their specific habits regarding your branches services and products you might add product/service briefs in the style of short quotes.

Personas within the cx/omni Customer Journey Mapping SaaS Solution

Once you have created  your Buyer Personas within your customized cx/omni Persona Card, they will be your companions within the various Touchpoint and Customer Journey views.
Now you are ready to send your respective personas—living within your cx/omni CEM solution—on their Customer Journey. Buyer personas you are an excellent way to stay in visual contact to your main target groups and have a vivid and emotional common sense on your stakeholder’s desktop. “Living” buyer personas for a day-to-day stakeholder awareness—instead of filed market segmentation for market analyst insiders only.

In our next feature we will cover Customer Journeys, Customer Experiences and Service Blueprints.