User Experience

User Journey Maps: UX Design from the perspective of your users

Improve your user experience design:
  • Valid identification of pain points and insights
  • Scoring and prioritization of insights and triggering of actions
  • Variable Views (e.g. Heatmap, Difficulty Impact Matrix, Swimlane, Storyboards, Emotional Journey etc.)
  • Touchpoints as referenced database elements with extensive description features (images, videos and documents)
  • Frameworks for the entire user lifecycle
  • Collaborative work in virtual teams
  • Combination of requirements management and user journeys
  • Persona management incl. mood boards
  • Extensive customizing of designs and wordings
  • Integration of user feedback and research results

“With user journey maps, we can manage UX projects sustainably and also implement them virtually in collaborative teams.”

Chrissi, UX-Designerin
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Swimlane map customer journey mapping
  • Process Explorer
Usability is what counts

Users expect a smooth experience – both online and offline. A user journey map helps to optimize usability when relaunching or improving existing UIs or designing new products and services.

Valuable insights for user experience design

Visualization with a user journey map shows you in detail which steps your user takes during his journey and what his interactions look like. Personas provide you with valuable insights regarding the usability requirements of your target group. The additional integration of user feedback or research results show you how your UIs perform.

Avoid barriers that prevent an excellent user experience at an early stage.

E-Commerce and Tablet
In Store Shopping
Mobile Shopping

Map your user journeys with software support

User Experience Design with different teams

The cxomni Journey Mapper is a collaboration tool for company-wide UX projects with virtual or distributed teams. For this purpose, different user roles and user rights can be defined according to responsibility and each UX design team can use a separate workspace.

Database approach for better user journeys

All touchpoints are referenced database elements. This means that your personas are always linked to the corresponding journeys or insights and are connected with the correct user interface. In addition, new journeys can be created more quickly because the software accesses existing logic links (e.g. subjourneys).

Journey visualization

Whether swimlane or storyboard: Users can adapt the visualization of all journey maps to their requirements by using different views. New user journeys are created simply by dragging and dropping predefined templates.

Smart interfaces

Our APIs allow different data and software integrations. By connecting feedback systems or web monitoring tool, user feedback and behavior is directly linked to the reelvant touchpoints.

Share Insights

By integrating your ticket systems you can share insights and tasks with other project teams which allows a targeted implementation and monitoring of all UX measures.