Expert Interview: UX or CX – The Customer Journey matters Matthias Baldauf 21. June 2022

Expert Interview: UX or CX – The Customer Journey matters

Full focus on the user

hannes robier youspicxomni talks to Hannes Robier, CEO of the UX design agency youspi and Chairman of the World Usability Congress, about the best way to achieve the perfect customer experience, why it’s not possible without a customer journey mindset and why the right software matters.

Who has the greatest business impact on positive customer experiences? These are the questions that drive many decision makers who deal with customer and user experiences. That’s what we’re talking about with Hannes Robier. He has been involved with user experience and customer experience for more than 20 years. Hannes is CEO and founder of the digital agency youspi in Graz. His clients include Red Bull, Philips or the REWE Group. He is also the initiator of the renowned World Usability Congress. Every year, UX and CX experts from different industries meet there and discuss the latest developments in UX Strategy, UX Engineering or UX Research.


Recording and analyzing the actual customer is particularly important for user experience and customer experience. Hannes Robier says: “If you want to evaluate and optimize the experience, you have to know what the user really experiences. And that maps the actual user journey via transaction data or the research results.” And according to Hannes, that can’t be done without software: “Software makes workflows more efficient. In it, the status quo of a journey workshop is preserved at all times and you can implement changes immediately and in real time. With whiteboard, Excel or PowerPoint solutions, information is quickly lost.” Hannes also explains why internal silos often get in the way of a smooth customer experience and why customer journey maps in particular solve this problem. Because they help to think from the customer’s point of view and to understand the individual user journey and communicate it within the company.

In addition to background information on current UX and CX trends, Hannes also provides exciting tips on how companies can set up their UX and CX departments correctly. He also explains which concepts and strategies sustainably improve the customer experience and why UX and CX ultimately belong together.


  • Why the right software makes the difference for UX designers and CX managers
  • Why there is no perfect experience without knowledge of the customer journey
  • How user experience, customer experience and usability differ from each other
  • Which industries are leading the way in UX and where there is still a need to catch up

Hannes Robier is organizer of the World Usability Congress and editor of the UX Trend Report. He is also the founder of the usability and user experience consulting agency youspi. He has been working in the field of user experience, customer experience, usability and service design for more than 15 years and consults organizations of all sizes and different industries. Hannes earned the Customer Experience Management certification in the US in 2007 and was a successful participant in the BETA phase of the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX) – F (2013). Together with the University of Vienna, he founded the global UX Quality Certification Center and the first UX Foundation Certification of UXQCC. Last but not least, Hannes developed and leads the first Design Management course in Europe.

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