Expert Interview: UX or CX – The Customer Journey matters Matthias Baldauf 21. June 2022

Expert Interview: UX or CX – The Customer Journey matters

What distinguishes the UX designer from the customer experience manager? Who has the biggest business impact on positive customer experiences? These are the questins we are duscussing in this expert interview with Hannes Robier. He has been involved with UX and customer experience for more than 20 years and is CEO and founder of the digital agency youspi. His clients include Red Bull, Philips and the REWE Group. He is also the initiator of the renowned World Usability Congress.

In addition to background information on current UX and CX trends, Hannes provides exciting tips on how companies can set up their UX and CX departments correctly. He also explains which concepts and strategies sustainably improve the customer experience and why UX and CX belong together.

Read also …

  • why the right software makes all the difference for UX designers and CX managers,
  • why there is no perfect experience without knowledge of the customer journey,
  • and which industries are leading the way in UX and where there is still catching up to do.

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