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Customized workshops for your company

From practice – for practice. Tools, methods, templates, best practices and management impulses for the structured but simple and pragmatic introduction of customer experience management. The central motto of our workshops is: Simplify complex things – make them simple!

The speakers of our workshops are proven practical experts from the fields of Customer Orientation, Service Management, Customer Journey Analytics, Market Research and Customer-oriented Corporate Management.

All workshops can be booked individually or combined and held online. Depending on the requirements and initial situation in your company, they can take place successively or in parallel and can be individually adapted to your project requirements.

Operational transaction data from CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation and Market Research can be visualized along the customer journey depending on the area of responsibility. This enables companies to understand customer experiences from the outside-in perspective and derive recommendations for action very quickly. We help you identify this data and enrich and evaluate it with customer data in the context of the journey. The results help you secure management support. After all, management buy-in is the first step to a variety of CX initiatives.


  • Defining the target picture and outlining a data-driven CX roadmap.
  • Overview of third-party systems and their touchpoint-relevant data
  • Clustering of key touchpoints and their data sources
  • Assignment of existing external and internal data sources to touchpoints
  • Structuring according to different aspects (one-time survey vs. real-time touchpoint feedback, scoring/scales, target value/actual value, comparability, etc.)
  • Clarification of data responsibilities and aspects of data security
  • Initial ideas of integrating, analyzing and visualizing your data to gain new insights on a regular basis – ideally in real time
  • Structure for first steps towards a central CX-KPI Radar
  • Prioritization of insights wth a Difficulty Impact Matrix

Perceive your business through the lens of your customer and learn the Customer Journey Mapping methodology using a specific customer journey from your own business.


  • A process model that can be transferred to any other customer journey
  • The consistent change of perspective: from the inside view to the outside view
  • Communication and sharing of the customer perspective with visuals
  • Documentation of customer journey maps with cxomni


This workshop focuses on the development of decision-making tools for your own Customer Experience Management strategy.


  • Methodological expertise, ideas and recommendations for action
  • Approaches for a pragmatic start
  • Development of a decision template for management teams
  • Outlook on the importance of Customer Centricity
  • Overview of CEM strategy options and the step-by-step development of a sustainable customer experience measurement and control system

Think new processes consistently from the customer’s point of view and “re-design” existing processes systematically based on the documented project results.


  • How can consistent Customer Experience Management be introduced in a pragmatic way into an existing corporate culture and system environment?
  • How can existing KPIs (e.g., NPS, complaint rates, conversion/churn rates, customer surveys) be integrated into a CX measurement system with a Journey Dashboard based on a SaaS CXM system without major IT projects?
  • How do we derive quick recommendations for action from a CX measurement system?
  • How do we turn customers into fans?

Customer Experience Managers are change initiators. However, to be an initiator of change, they must succeed in establishing a customer-centric culture. Communicating this vision to employees and customers is a start – but it is more difficult to inspire sustained engagement that creates tangible differentiation from the average for the customer.


  • The value proposition for a customer-centric culture
  • 6 key obstacles on the road to employee engagement
  • Best-in-class approaches to eliminating different views from customers and employees
  • Shifting from an inside view to an outside view
  • Engaging leadership – ways to engage management
  • Tools and systematics for the outside-in perspective
  • Building a CX team – the internal representatives of customer needs

In joint workshops with our experts, you will learn the topics and methods of customer journey management in a condensed form in a short time. Starting with the Design Thinking approach, you will get to know the Customer Journey Mapping method. Another topic is the development of a holistic CX/UX framework and CX measurement system, in which insights are continuously transferred to needs and requirements management. In doing so, you will already capture and assess all key digital and analog customer touchpoints – especially across divisions, locations, departments and channels.


  • Methodological expertise, ideas and recommendations for action
  • The consistent change of perspective: from the inside view to the outside view
  • Approaches for a pragmatic start
  • Outlook on the importance of customer centricity
  • Overview of CEM strategy options and the step-by-step development of a sustainable customer experience measurement and control system
  • Personas / Touchpoints / Customer Journeys – The Customer Journey Mapping Methodology
  • From Excel/Powerpoint to a SaaS-based journey management system
  • Communication and sharing of customer view via visual documentation of customer journey maps in cxomni system
  • Describing, documenting and evaluating touchpoints from the customer’s point of view
  • How do we derive quick recommendations for action from a CX measurement system?
  • The role of the customer experience manager as customer ambassador



Customer Journey Mapping

Collaborate across teams to create customer journeys

Customer Journey Management

Merge your journey maps with a framework designed for your company

Customer Journey Analytics

Connect data sources with your customer journeys and touchpoints

Customer Journey Orchestration

Distribute relevant insights and trigger actions – continuously and automatically


How AI is changing Journey Management


cxomni Journey Mapping Framework

Your toolbox for a standardized CX/UX taxonomy

cxomni Journey Analytics

Connect all data sources at Touchpoints and Customer Journeys

cxomni Actions Manager

Orchestrate insights on requirements and recommendations for action


Introduction of a holistic Journey Management Framework


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