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Access the full power of your Customer Journeys

The cxomni Customer Journey Management Platform lets you create, analyze, manage and optimize your customer journeys. It works well for everyone involved, allowing different teams, products, and offices to work together within a consistent framework.

cxomni is a leading platform that transforms data into valuable insights, improving our understanding of customer journeys.

The Leading Customer Journey Management Platform

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Customer Journey Management: Manage customer engagement and retention with a unified journey repository

Detailed touchpoint visualization and analysis

Managing the customer journey with cxomni begins by closely examining and understanding the various touchpoints and multichannel interactions customers experience with your company. This process involves a thorough analysis to identify key moments and opportunities for a better customer experience.

Making customer experience measurable - across all touchpoints

Enhance your customer experience by developing collaborative customer journey maps across different teams. This approach establishes a solid base for making decisions that are centered on the customer's experience. Discover how customers engage with your company and discover pain points and improvements for valuable insights.

Choose Subjourneys via Drag & Drop

Individual and customizable journey views

cxomni allows you to map out customer journeys in a way that's more lasting compared to basic whiteboard tools. By incorporating emotion curves, images, and storyboards, you can craft intuitive customer journeys. Dynamically view journeys from various viewpoints, including process-oriented views or based on real-time performance metrics. You can use templates to start customer journeys quickly and consistently. Merge touchpoints, personas, user research, needs management, and feedback data for a complete view of the journey.

Customer Journey Mapping

Collaborate across teams to create and map out customer journeys

cxomni allows you to create visual journey maps or user journeys. You can organize and sort parts of these journeys, including the steps and the profiles involved. Additionally, it is highly effective for large teams dispersed globally. cxomni helps maintain uniform customer experiences and offers transparency.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Management

Standardize CX taxonomy and terminology and manage your journey portfolio

cxomni merges journey maps with a framework designed for your company. A consistent taxonomy and terminology ensure clarity and encourage teamwork, mutual learning and maintain high standards. This establishes a solid foundation for ongoing enhancement. Moreover, cxomni provides a central place for customer experience insights: it connects all data and research files with touchpoints to comprehend and outline your customers’ experiences.

Customer Journey Analytics

Connect different data sources with your customer journeys and touchpoints

By integrating data from customer feedback, CRM systems and web analytics platforms, well-founded decisions can be made to optimize customer journeys in real time and based on facts. Journey maps created in workshops can be validated by a data-driven perspective.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Journey-based recommendations

Connect insights from customer experiences to product management strategies

CX Insights can be linked to the requirements’ management of product and service development via data integrations to project and ticketing system solutions such as Jira. This way, you create a closed loop approach to ensure the transition of insights into actionable implementations.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Collaborate across teams to create customer journeys

Customer Journey Management

Merge your journey maps with a framework designed for your company

Customer Journey Analytics

Connect data sources with your customer journeys and touchpoints

Customer Journey Orchestration

Distribute relevant insights and trigger actions – continuously and automatically


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cxomni Journey Mapping Framework

Your toolbox for a standardized CX/UX taxonomy

cxomni Journey Analytics

Connect all data sources at Touchpoints and Customer Journeys

cxomni Actions Manager

Orchestrate insights on requirements and recommendations for action


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