Difficulty Impact Matrix

Prioritize decisions: Cluster Actionable Insights according to your own criteria

With the cx/omni Difficulty Impact Matrix, you bring structure into the multitude of insights gained. Above all, you translate them into fast, prioritized action recommendations (Actionable Insights and Issues Management). After all, even the perfect customer experience must be economical and realistically feasible in your own organization.

Consequently, it is important to set priorities. For example, in terms of costs, effects on the brand, frequency and importance for the customer. And regarding difficulty of implementation. Motto: Quick-wins first.

With the Difficulty Impact Matrix, cx/omni supports you in prioritizing your recommended actions. And last but not least, when creating quick decision proposals for your management.

Jana, Customer Experience Manager

“We have many pain points and ideas  – I need to prioritize them for our management.”

  • difficulty impact matrix


  • Define your own criteria
  • Define an individual weighting
  • Filter and cluster your issues, such as those you’ve gained from qualified feedback on your CX Dashboard
  • Export the Difficulty Impact Matrix as pdf or xls
  • Above all, always keep the relation to touchpoints and customer journeys