Touchpoint Management

Raise awareness for your brand values by periodically recurring
Brand Audits at all customer touchpoints.

Use cx/omni Touchpoint Management as a brand manager with the integrated survey tool to carry out periodic surveys at all customer touchpoints.

Above all, it sets the degree of fulfillment of your brand rules from an external and internal point of view. In addition, you will develop a Brand Cockpit, which will sensitize all touchpoint executives to the brand.

In particular, companies with brand-centric customer touchpoint management create a competitive edge and customer experiences that make brand values ​​tangible. The individual touch points are checked to see if they fulfill the brand rules. Ultimately, if too few of these rules are adhered to, the brand can not be experienced and a negative experience is created.

What role does the brand play in Customer Experience Management? First and foremost, you can use a consistent Brand Touchpoint Management to develop a very good overview of the quality of your brand-rlated customer touch points as well as pain points and gain points along the journey of your customers.

Tabea, Brand Manager

“I would like to create an internal awareness of our brand values in order to make them tangible at all customer touchpoints –
building a bridge between customers and our brand.”

  • CX Brand Dashboard
  • Touchpoint Audit
  • Touchpoint Map


  • Sensitize your employees to brand values via a Brand Portal (Brand Cockpit)
  • Make brand-related customer touchpoints measurable and comparable
  • Create periodically recurring Brand Touchpoint surveys
  • Compare interior and exterior perspectives
  • Establish sustainable customer touchpoint management
  • Provide before-and-after comparisons of brand touchpoints
  • Turn employees into brand ambassadors
  • Enable cross-regional exchange between brand ambassadors
  • Expand your brand portal to a CX KPI Radar