Journey Orchestration – Turning insights into stakeholder actions Matthias Baldauf 30. March 2023

Journey Orchestration – Turning insights into stakeholder actions

How to combine customer perspective and requirements management with cxomni

CXOMNI Expert WEBCAST on Journey Orchestration 

How can you analyze customer journey insights in a meaningful way and orchestrate them as deep dive to the right people in the company? In this webinar, we will explain how you can use cxomni to aggregate, prioritize and distribute relevant insights from various data sources (e.g. CRM, web analytics, voice-of-customer).

In addition, we will demonstrate learn how to derive measures for smooth customer experiences from this data and sustainably monitor them as tasks in your requirements management (e.g. Jira). This way, sales, marketing, product management, but also UX and CX teams or technical development become part of your Journey Management. Because by orchestrating insights, you ensure transparency and stakeholder communication is greatly simplified. 

With cxomni, you can also assign existing research or insights (qualitative or quantitative) to a product, touchpoint or subjourney. The performance of touchpoints and (sub-)journeys can thus be justified in great detail and is always visualized from the customer’s perspective.

If you are …

  • interested in a holisitc view on the Customer Journey,
  • and want to learn how to capture insights (e.g., research, pain points, design ideas, system requirements, wow moments, etc.) and all the information you need for a seamless customer journey. ) and effectively orchestrate all information for a smooth customer journey
  • by engaging stakeholders from other teams across silo boundaries on a common CX framework …

… then this webcast might be interesting for you! 

About the speaker
Pia Jakobson cxonni

Pia Jakobson Pia Jakobson is a Professional Service Manager at cxomni. In this position, she supports existing customers in the implementation of software projects in the area of customer journey management and takes over project management for software roll-outs.