Security / Trust


Software-as-a-Service is a matter of trust. The decision to store corporate data in the cloud is usually taken cautiously and with a certain reluctance.

The strict confidentiality and security of your data is not only our mission, but even more the undisputable basis of our existence as a software service provider.

Software-as-a-Service is nowadays established and widely accepted. This is a result of trust and security. Our safety standards are influenced by the security needs of our major corporation and market leading customers. We are guided by the latest security standards and best practices used by global SaaS players – from honest conviction.

Planned maintenance

Here we inform you about planned maintenance. System users are additionally notified in time by e-mail.

Currently no maintenance is planned.
International Privacy Policy

The cx/omni CEM cloud is operated under the premise that many customers are subject to at least some privacy-related laws in connection with the processing of personal data.

Although non-personal data is primarily managed within the cx/omni CEM cloud, it is our goal to assist our clients in complying with such laws by providing a successively expanding privacy and security program that includes policies, procedures, people and certifications.

We take the following international privacy policies into account:

European Union

USA / Canada

  • In preparation.

Asia / Pacific

  • In preparation.