Expert Webcast: Free the Journey Map from the digital filing cabinet! Matthias Baldauf 29. June 2023

Expert Webcast: Free the Journey Map from the digital filing cabinet!

Best practices for the sustainable use of customer journey maps

Webcast Journey Mapping & Journey Management 

This webcast shows: Journey Mapping must be part of today’s business management process: be it for the development of service offerings, the introduction of new products and features or for process optimizations at touchpoints. How can CX teams ensure that the insights from journey maps do not remain a one-off flash in the pan, but are used sustainably? Which workflows and tools are important? When is Journey Mapping enough and when is it worth taking the step to Journey Management?

This cxomni Expert Webinar is aimed at CX managers who are already involved in journey mapping or have been commissioned to set up a journey management system. We want to get to the bottom of these questions and define when a whiteboarding tool is sufficient and when a database-supported system is needed.

In this webcast you will learn, among other things:

  • How do whiteboarding tools differ from journey management systems?
  • Why is Journey Mapping an important part of Journey Management?
  • What are good use cases for sustainable use of journey maps?

About the speaker

Wolfgang Weber (Gründer & CEO) - cxomni

Wolfgang Weber is Head of Product and Innovation at cxomni and product manager for the software. Prior to that, Wolfgang worked for ten years as a management consultant in the field of customer excellence. He is one of the most distinguished experts on the subject of customer-oriented business management and customer experience management – his credo: “Customer enthusiasm can be managed”.