Employee Talk Johannes Wicht Matthias Baldauf 19. December 2023

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Johannes Wicht, Head of Customer Success cxomni

Johannes Wicht 

Head of Customer Success bei cxomni

In this edition of Employee Talk, we introduce you to Johannes Wicht. Johannes recently joined us as Head of Customer Success and he and his colleagues support our customers with onboarding and all aspects of our software. So he and his team make an important contribution that cxomni customers have a positive experience.

Hello Johannes, welcome to cxomni and great to have you on board. It’s best if you introduce yourself to our readers. What did you do before and what made you join cxomni?

Actually, I am an engineer and worked in the aerospace industry for a while. However, I wanted a more agile job with more creative freedom. That’s how I got into the SaaS business. Over the past few years, I have held various management positions in a SaaS scale-up, building and expanding the customer success and professional services. What really impressed me about cxomni was the team. Every single person here is motivated and convinced of our product, which is clearly reflected in the success of our customers.  

You have been leading our Customer Success team since November. What exactly are your responsibilities as Head of Customer Success?

My main task is to create structures that ensure that every single customer receives the best possible support from the team, regardless of whether they are a startup or a Fortune 500 company. This allows us to deliver maximum value with our platform. And last but not least, I also sponsor many customer projects.

What is a typical day at cxomni like for you?

The great thing about cxomni is that every day brings different tasks and challenges. At the moment, I spend a lot of time being surprised by how our customers generate added value and how cxomni can make a significant contribution to changing their business practices. 

A customer success is only successful if the teamwork is right. What are the right people for you? 

Teamwork is everything! And most importantly, it’s something our clients benefit from. Our team thrives on sharing knowledge and works so well because we all think in a solution-oriented way. This allows us to take what we learn from one client and apply it to another, providing methodical advice time and time again.

How do you manage as a team to respond quickly to customer inquiries while maintaining a high standard of service quality?

Having fun at work! Everyone in the team sees the added value they create and contribute every day. This makes it easy for us to stay motivated. We’ve already talked about teamwork: I think it’s important that every colleague knows what they need to focus on, but is still able to support others. 

Thank you very much for your answers, Johannes