Touchpoint Acquisition

Five steps to Customer Experience Management

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What’s the meaning of touch points?

All contact points either actively or passively experienced by your customer in relation to your company or brand are termed “touchpoints” or “customer touchpoints”. This includes the question of your customers brand experience at every single touchpoint – before, during and after purchase.

What are the specific touchpoints?

Ask yourself how the touchpoints between your customer and your company/brand are appearing.
The first step is all about comprehensive gathering of all touchoints – including your company’s parking area or your flyer campaigns as well as your online shop appearance or purchase- and service hotlines. Which communication channels does your customer use in terms of entering into dialogues with your company? Which touchpoints are relevant and how are they experienced?

Insert all of your touchpoints into the cx/omni touchpoint board!

The cx/omni Basic Edition offers the ability to capture up to 100 customer contact points – your basis for a comprehensive touchpoint management!
Always be aware of the „small“ customer touch points as well – such as e-mail templates, contact forms or the telephone or call center contacts.
Specify every single advertising media. Register every online- and offline interaction points such as forms, mails, letters, portals, press, social web.
You will notice: There are numerous touchpoints that are not (yet) actively monitored or controlled.
Initiate a task force based on the registration of all touchpoints. The task force will be reliable for the documentation of personas, customer journeys, customer experiences and service blueprints. These themes we‘ll present wthin the next steps to your Customer Experience Management.