CX Radar

Sustainable feedback culture and customer orientation: With real-time KPIs along the customer journey

With cx/omni you can easily configure a CX radar with the KPIs from all relevant feedback sources. And with process data from your operational transactions. This allows you to assign data to the touchpoints independently of their organizational silos and systems. And visualize along the customer journey.

Above all, you can assign your own target values or benchmark values to your actual values. You define yourself at which touchpoints you want to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). At the same time, you determine which color coding (for example in traffic light colors) is to be carried out in the CX radar.

The cx/omni Customer Intelligence Data Hub serves as the basis for building a multi-year CX Data Lakes, which enables high-performance data links and multi-year comparisons.

“I want a radar of our most important touchpoint KPIs from customer feedback and own operational performance data.”

Arlene, Customer Insights Analyst


  • Set up a central CX radar for all stakeholders with your KPIs
  • Combine outside-in data (qualified feedback) with inside-out data from Customer Journey Analysis (transactions)
  • Combine over 50 different real-time data sources via API
  • Connect all feedback sources with touchpoints along the journey
  • Visualize your KPIs according to your own rules in the target vs. actual comparison