Service Center Journey

Visualize and analyze the actual service journey of your customers

With the cx/omni Use Case Service Center Journey you discover and analyze the actual journeys of your customers based on your operational transaction data from Service Management.

What’s special about this is that the actual journeys experienced by your customers do not have to be reconstructed using time-consuming Journey Mapping workshops. Because most of them are already controlled by agent desktops, service center systems or CRM systems or can be traced online at self-service portals. This includes their deviations from the standard process, their actual performance and their frequency.

With cx/omni, you can analyze this data and visualize it across systems. In addition, you can extend this with feedback data to CX KPI Radar or to CX Issues Management (Case Management).

“I want to provide an even better and more cost-efficient service and analyze the performance of our service processes.”

Kim, Manager Customer Retention


  • Visualize and analyze your Service Center Journey: This allows you to recognize the most relevant Customer Journeys
  • Visualize Journeys across multiple systems in one Central Hub
  • Identify and visualize frequent, problematic or promising customer journeys based on large amounts of existing data
  • Bring real-time feedback directly to the touchpoints of your service center
  • Capture recurring painpoints as “customer testimonials” (CX Knowledge Base)
  • Visualize KPIs of service journeys (target/actual comparison)
    in a CX KPI Radar
  • Use automatically analyzed Customer Journeys as a starting point for Design Thinking or Journey Mapping Workshops
  • Process Mining
  • Process Explorer